Friday, 29 September 2017


Join the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance, groundWork and Scientist who will talk and explain about Offshore Oil and Gas.

Offshore oil drilling will potentially produce petroleum, along a mess of other toxic substances including mercury, lead, arsenic and barium. These toxins are devastating for the health of fish, wildlife and the people who live and feed off of the coast.
Even before the drilling begins, there is a great risk to the marine environment. The current technology uses seismic pulses to test for oil below the seabed, harming animal populations. To carry out such surveys, ships tow multiple airgun arrays that emit thousands of high-decibel explosive impulses to map the seafloor. Which have devastating long term effects on marine life. Whale
Large oil corporations will be responsible for offshore drilling that will shatter the tourist industry in the entire KZN coastline, the coast of the Eastern Cape and some parts of the Western Cape coastline as the seismic testing has been earmarked from Richards bay to Mossel Bay. The seismic tests and drilling will only be 50km’s off the coast, and the necessary vehicles, power poles, noise compressors, and other unsightly infrastructure that the drilling encompasses will detract from the country’s natural beauty.
Therefore we at the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance urge you, the people living and making a living off the South Coast of KZN, to join us at this workshop. Come and hear first - hand from experts and environmental activists that will explain the devastating effects of oil and gas exploration.

We will be hosting an offshore oil and gas awareness workshop on the 8th of October, at the Blue Sea Cottages (1 Curle Street, Ifafa Beach), starting at 14:00 and concluding at 17:00. 

We need your support in the struggle against oil and gas exploration in South Africa.

For more information contact: Chadley Joseph 079 501 1773 or Desmond D’Sa: 083 982 6939 or the SDCEA: 031 461 1991.

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