Friday, 8 September 2017

Join us, as we picket outside the racecourse tomorrow!

RESIDENTS take the Clairwood Race Course Developer to the High Court!

The current traffic jams is a sign of worse to come. Every day teachers, pupils and workers are late for work. There is dust affecting residents daily, clothes cannot be left on washing lines, cars cannot be kept clean and you cannot sit outside in your yard or even have a meal as there is dust and sand everywhere. The Developer has ignored requests from the affected community to meet and discuss these concerns. At 3 mass meetings held, the community has decided to picket outside the race course this Saturday 9 September from 8.30 to 11am.

We call on the community to join this protest in our numbers to show how angry we are with this “logistics park”. Capital Fortress which is owned by major South African banks will not get away as the SDCEA together with the Legal Resource Centre has lodged an application to the Durban High Court to have the decision of the past MEC Mr Mike over turned. A whole day has been set aside for Friday 15th September 2017 for the review application to be argued.

An educator and well-known activist Roshan Ramdheen stated: “government continues to fail the people of the Durban South, we are an island surrounded by polluting industries and now we have to contend with over 3000 more vehicles entering the Clairwood Race course daily. The quality of life and that of our neighbourhood will be destroyed forever. We cannot rely on government to protect us we have to unite and fight to protect the future of our children”.

Residents of the affected areas have asked why money is placed before the lives of our young children.  At various meetings frustrated residents stated they will not stand by idly and allow the area to be destroyed and they might as well kill us all instead of our children.

The local residents, schools, small legal businesses, religious institutions  and cultural groups will be picketing outside the Clairwood Racecourse on Saturday 9th September 2017  starting at 08.00am  and end at 11.00am

For more details please contact:

Desmond D'Sa [SDCEA Coordinator]
Office: 031 4611 991
Cell: 083 982 6939

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